Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Last of the Kitchen Gadgets Part 1

We pretty much have every kitchen gadget possible. I'm serious about cooking, and these represent my investment in eating. If you ask, I would tell you that you'd be well off to do the same.

There are a couple of gadgets we don't have yet though, and this is the story about one of them.

If I had a post about all the kitchen utensils I think everyone needs, I'd put a link to it here. When I do write that post, I'll update this one.

The two items I don't have but still need are very related. Sous-vide cooker and a vacuum sealer.

The sous-vide is for slow cooking things at very specific temperatures. It can make you cooking easier and eating amazing. More on that gadget later. This post is all about the vacuum.

I've used a vacuum sealer for some time now, and I have developed a dislike for FoodSaver. They're probably alright for a few people, and they're fairly inexpensive, but I just don't trust them to last. I have the older version of this one, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The seal is fine, just the suction that lacks.

My mother in law gave it to me when she bought this one. Works a lot better than mine, all the time in fact. I still think its a bit lacking in umph, and worse, it wastes a lot of the bags. 

Which leads me to the other problem with food saver, the bags are fairly expensive, and you can't substitute with other bags. With mine, I can barely get it to work with the FoodSaver brand bags.

I've done a bunch of research, and it took a while but I've convinced myself that the Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, Silver is the way to go. Yes its 4 times the price, but its worth it and here's why:

  • Its at the level of what I believe is called prosumer.
  • I will be able to seal a whole tuna, one steak at a time, please, please let it happen this year.
  • The bags are slightly cheaper than the FoodSaver bags
  • I think mi kid will inherit this one
  • It works with the sweet food saver attachments like this, this, this and this
  • Just look at this thing, its a metal power tool, not a plastic toy

Feel free to drop a comment if you have a question, or if you just think I'm crazy.

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Dani said...

Your wife votes crazy. :)