Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peer Pressure, of the Apple Persuasion.

No, not alcohol, or other illicit substances. This peer pressure comes in the form of electronics.

In another time, when I had more marginal income, and interest in the little guy I might have been an Apple early adopter, and fanboy as much as the rest of my peers. Alas, I wasn't and have been a PC my whole life/career.

I'm not even getting it for me, its for my wife, and yet I still feel like I've sold a part of myself. Yes, I'm buying a Mac. A mac mini to be exact because its the most affordable overpriced option.

Here's what bugs me about Mac, you purchase the thing from Apple and its $600, but from amazon, its the same thing, but for $570.

If you get the upgrade to 4gb of ram, it'll cost you $100 from apple, or you can put it in yourself for $42, and that's retail cost for memory. If you were buying the quantity that apple is, it likely cost $10 for that hardware, and $1 to install it. I'm all for profit, but seriously?

I talked to apple, and their basic mac mini comes with 2gb, in 2 modules, which means if you upgrade your memory, you might as well throw away those two modules. If apple were environmentally friendly, they would let me order my mac mini without the memory for a $50 discount. That will never happen.

By the way, anyone can install the memory into a mac mini, you don't even need tools.

Here's how, straight from the mothership.

Here is what is necessary, sans monitor.

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