Thursday, May 3, 2007

Trying Desperately To Get Some Interweb Attention.

I'm anti a large amount of things. I prefer to say anti, because I don't just not like these things, I try to convince people of how terrible these thing really are. For example, television.

I will use as an example, American Idol. Forgive me if this bugs you, but I will be continually repeating American Idol throught this post, to make a point. I am anti American Idol because every radio and news show feels the need to talk about American Idol like American Idol is the only thing going on in this world. American Idol this and American Idol that, who got voted off and how close they are to being voted off, and who's going to be the next American Idol, blah blah blah.

Maybe I can get some publicity off American Idol as well. American Idol. American Idol.

It might happen, who knows. Some poor innocent web traveler might be searching for American Idol, and just happen to come across my blog post on American Idol. Only because I do things like mention that I'm a Howard Stern fan, and play of a little off that publicity too.

I was moved when Howard Stern was undermining the American Idol voting process by using his listerners to keep Sanji or whoever on American Idol. I thought Howard Stern really despised American Idol as much as I do despise American Idol and all other reality TV. Once Sanji got voted off American Idol, and Howard Stern continued to talk about American Idol, I was less impressed.

American Idol.American Idol.American Idol.American Idol.American Idol.American Idol.

If I wanted to hear about who the next pop junk for the masses star was going to be, I would be watching American Idol, now wouldn't I.

There will be other rants about my anti-televisionism. Although this one focuses only on American Idol.

Thank you for reading. Especially American Idol fans.

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